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Talent idea:
One way: Germany for the first, only for this, common development, sharing success, have both ability and political integrity
It read: only use, give full scope to the talents,
We can give you:
1 simple interpersonal relationships, we are highly qualified personnel, very good communication;
2 simple working procedures, as long as you seriously;
3 easy and free working environment, as long as you consciously;
4 we have an enlightened leadership, your talent will not be drowned, you can see the ability of us;
5 as long as you can, we will be able to give you what you want;
We need you:
1 good attitude and dedication, we are very important to a person's character;
2 cheerful personality, because here we do not have what is worth your sad;
3 to be serious and patient, there is no great hardship, but also need your efforts;
4. Team spirit, our team is very united, because our goal is ambitious, we need to twist into a rope for the company to create more profits, companies only good, we can better.
1 superior monthly salary + generous bonus;
2 according to the law to enjoy social insurance, industrial injury insurance, medical insurance and other social insurance;
3 enjoy provident fund, Project Awards, year-end bonus, paid annual leave and other benefits;
4 a month to organize team dinners or travel and birthday celebrations;
5 free annual tourism and holiday gifts and other benefits;
6 sound training mechanism, free to enjoy all kinds of training and promotion;
7 good development space and self play platform;
8 high quality team (95% above), good human environment and working atmosphere;